Digi Pro – Pneumatic Lithotripter – Digital

The Digi Pro Pneumatic Lithotripter Digital is pneumatically powered lithotripter intended to fragment ureteral, bladder and kidney calculi.

  • Endoscopically controlled
  • Safe, effective, no tissure trauma
  • Highly reliable
  • Rapid disintegration reduces operating time
  • Digital system


Set Include :

  • Control Unit….1 each
  • Power supply cable…..1 each
  • Quick connector with air tube…..1 each
  • Footswitch…..1 each
  • Handpiece…..1 each
  • Silicone tube with quick connector…..1 each
  • Probes…..Total 8 (2 each size)
  • Suction handpiece with 3.5mm suction probe…..1 each
  • Replacement silicone tube…..pack of 10
  • Sterilization cap…..2 each
  • Regulator…..1 each
  • Spanner…..1 each
  • Handpiece caps…..4 each
  • Carrying case…..1 each


Order No.  Description  Qty./Box
DP-PLD Digi Pro Pneumatic Lithotripter Digital 1


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