Ellick Bladder Evacuator – Glass or Plastic

Used for bladder evacuation during TURP.


Ellick Bladder Evacuator – (Glass) 

  • Reusable
  • Adaptors connects to Storz, wolf, ACMI
  • Silicon bulb eliminates latex allergy


Ellick Bladder Evacuator – (Plastic)

  • Construction for unbreakable experience
  • Adapters connects to storz, wolf, acmi
  • Silicone bulb eliminates latex allergy
  • Disposable


Order No. Description Qty. / Box
EE-G Ellick Evacuator – Glass 1
EE-P Ellick Evacuator – Plastic 1
EE-GR Ellick Glass Reservior 1
EE-CT Ellick Connector with Tubing 1
EE-SB Ellick Silicone Bulb 1


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